All I want to get is a little bit closer
All I want to know is, can you come a little closer?
Here comes the breath before we get a little bit closer
Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer
The doors are open, the wind is really blowing
The night sky is changing overhead

            –  Tegan and Sara

A happy wedding in Amsterdam

This year was all about same sex marriage legalization in countries like Germany,  Australia and Malta. Living in the country that legalized this in 2001 it was for me a happy happy moment of joy when Peter & Erik booked me for their wedding in Amsterdam.

I had met them twice before their wedding day and we had many back and forth emails regarding the planning of their wedding day. These meetings where generally more laughing than planning and so also their wedding day was full with laughter and happiness.

I met them in the morning at their appartement in Amsterdam where we started slowly with some coffee. Their friend Patrick joined us for the shoot to assist with everything and we litereally drove around to hotspots for the shoot. After a rest with some lunch and everyone on their phones for a tiny while – grown ups are so social 😉 –  we got ready for the big moment. My second shooter Wessel was already ready at the venue and we got there by car and boat.

The Gemeenlandshuis is actually a very country styled location which is really beautifully suited for outdoor ceremonies overlooking the water. The backdrop is the mansion where there are enough spots for photoshoots, cocktail hours and dinners. However the party was at the College Hotel in Amsterdam where we got to by an American schoolbus for the whole wedding attire.



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