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Miranda and Roderik have a very sweet relationship. I noticed so many times how deep Roderick looked in her eyes and absorbed every word she said. And the way they both loved each other, I could also feel the love their friends and family had for them. I mean, they invited all their very close family and friends for their first look in their living room. Usually couples want to be alone, and have this moment for themselves. But these two decided otherwise. And as a child from a huge family it was heart warming for me to see this beautiful round up of love. For a impression on their wedding at Het Pompstation Amsterdam just continue reading.

The day started at their home in a beautiful and quite area in Amsterdam. The girls and the bride where getting ready in a calm and relaxed atmosphere and my second shooter Ja’eli and me had enough time to absorb the mood. While sandwiches – lot’s of them – were smeared in the kitchen the makeup was put on and slowly the other guests were dropping in. And despite a full house Miranda managed to not be seen in her Anna Kara dress.

They wanted to have the photo shoot before the ceremony so we headed of downtown to where the canals are and spend the shoot during the busy Saturday vibe. But again, both of them were in their own vibe and enjoying the usual affection by people when they see a beautiful bride. The groom rarely gets noticed 🙂

So when it was time for the ceremony one image is burned into my mind. Mirandas father was so emotionally involved and could barely keep it dry. A wonderful image and something that is so precious when you open up your wedding album years later and see and feel this love again. And again. And actually not only tell people about it but keep those memories alive and visible.

So I leave you with some of my favourite images of this day. Images by silviya.nl and Ja’eli van Beveren.

Wedding location: Pompstation
Wedding dress: Anna Kara from I do I do
Wedding suit: Roka Haarlem
MuaH: Kim
Cake: Jessica Peereboom
Catering: Het Pompstation

Everybody knows this is your finest hour
A shooting star, that’s what you are, this is your time
It’s the final dance
Now this could be the moment you were waiting for
Take your chance, don’t let it slip away now
You’re almost there, you step into the light


            –  Johan

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