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Trouwen in Duitsland
At least you’ll never be a vegetable – even artichokes have hearts.

            –  Amelie

Trouwen in Duitsland

If I will be asked which wedding stands out in emotions then I know for sure that it will be the wedding of Saskia and Jan. What a love, what a connection. I am truly amazed by their ties to each other (they even have the same job) and the strength both of them draw from each other.

Getting married in Konstanz

I grew up here, in a small town called Konstanz. It lies at the border with Switzerland and it is so beautiful there. The lake, nature, the people.
We started a relaxed getting ready session at Saskia and Jan’s apartment in a quiet village in Switzerland. Her parents and sister and friends were there and it all added up to her excitement. In a positive way that is. Saskia and Jan have so much love to give, I wonder if it was even possible for them to get ready among a small circle.
Then we headed off to the ceremony in a vintage VW-Bus with Saskia’s dad as our driver. And where I would meet Jan – totally cracked up in emotions. And there it was for me impossible to keep it dry. As soon as he saw me he knew she was not far and the excitement led him to just let it go. And me too. I cannot resist tears when I see someone crying, it’s a neurological move that is triggered by crying people I guess. No kidding, I am just very soft hearted.
The rest of their wedding day was spent lovely with cakes, drinks, dinner, and drinks and we took some alone time as well to walk around at the lake and in the old town for some good old portraits.

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