I chose to offer different packages with various hours so couples could book the one that would fit their needs in the best way. As a service based photographer, I want to cater to my couples needs. Yet, I feel often that I don’t deliver my fullest potential of photography when they book me for 8, 6 or fewer hours. In this brief blog post, I would love to explain to you why the full day wedding reportage is my favorite and the benefits it will give to your wedding photographs.

Wedding photography is for me, and most wedding photographers out there, not just a means to earn a salary. It is a desire to offer you a complete memory of your wedding day in amazing images. Images that you will hopefully cherish for a very very long time. These memories don’t start at the registry or church and certainly don’t end after the congratulations. The memories, I am convinced, start with the very beginning of the day and end when you had your party, hence the full day wedding reportage.

getting ready for wedding
getting ready for wedding

The things that happen in between things. Opening a bottle of champagne is great for the pictures but the father of the bride giving a quick hug after toasting is priceless. Something you maybe don’t realize while it’s happening but certainly have an ‘oh my, I remember this’ moment. This image, as sad as I may sound now, will have one day a priceless memory captured forever just for you.

bride getting into cab
father of the bride and bride

Also, the moments when you think nothing is happening and you can have a friend take the pictures, it will be never with the same eye and devotion as a wedding photographer can take it. Of course, they might be technically perfect images, there are plenty of good and even very hobby photographers out there. But don’t mistake it for the craftsmanship – big word here but yeah – those wedding photographers put into their images and work. We see and feel and anticipate all the things that can and will happen and are constantly alert to be ready to capture it.

Wedding photographer in Germany

At the end of the day when you can let your hair loose and put your flats under your wedding dress on your wedding photographer will be ready to capture your party. I am usually – depending on the venue and lighting of course – having my flashes ready to capture not only lit images but also creative imagery to spice up your wedding album. I move at the dancefloor with a big smile and love to party as you do. Only with a camera. I want you to relive the party as it was. With surprise acts from your family and friends and the crazy dance you put down.

wedding photographer Amsterdam
wedding pompstation amsterdam

You put a lot of effort, devotion, and money into your wedding day incl. the party, the DJ and the venue. I love to give you the images that your whole day deserves. Would you like to see some examples? Here is one full day wedding reportage from last year.

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