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As a wedding photographer in Amsterdam I get to see the greatest locations: Today’s location is at the Westerliefde Amsterdam

When people ask me what makes a wedding is a great wedding I can tell you my personal favourite algorithm that really always works!

It is:

[ (People + Love ) + Good Food & Plenty of Drinks] + F*ing great music + Newly weds on the dance floor = Party of your dreams

So when you want the party of your dreams do never cheap out on food, music and drinks. Instead you might safe on your seating cards, menu cards, party favours etc. Things that don’t add up to the mood.

So why am I telling this? Because the wedding I am about to share with you nailed this algorithm like champs! Hold on to me.

Martine and Wouters wedding at the Westerliefde in Amsterdam was a very energetic wedding. Prior to their wedding we had intensive contact and a pre-wedding shoot where they could feel and experience how a shoot would be. And what they can expect. Nothing better that being prepared right? So I knew that Wouter was a very happy, energetic and excited groom. And Martine the laid back, beautiful and peaceful bride. Both sparkle when they talk and it’s great seeing this warm cohesion between the two. And I can only salute people who can have one of their most important days of their lives and be that chilled. But I only saw smiling, laughing, happy people around me and my second shooter Marscha van Druuten all the time.

One of the most relaxing parts of the day was that everything was in one spot. The Westerliefde is a rustic yet industrial terrein however their styling is on point and can fit all your needs and color scheme. I have attached some detail shots as well this time as it was just sooo pretty. For the photoshoot we went to the café of their first date, to the Skinny Bridge and the Westergas location itself.

Their party was maybe one of the best I ever photographed and I have selected some of the images for you two see below. The music by Cherry and the Sugarstuds got the crowd ecstatic, the drinks were served fast and the couple literally did not get off the dance floor. So remember this when you plan your wedding and the party is important to you. In the end, that is what everyone will remember and give you all the fuzzy warm memories. And your pictures of course.

Do you also need a wedding photographer in Amsterdam? If you like these images and you think, hey, I’d like to meet this girl. Just pop me a message here and we’ll have some coffee or Margherita’s while we get to know each other.

Thank you Martine & Wouter for your big trust, I wish you all the best!

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