proposal photography amsterdam

Proposal photography in Amsterdam is actually very beautiful. We have amazing canals with its traditional houses in the background and when you choose the right time it can be even empty!

I do love proposal photography in Amsterdam not only for the reason of it’s beauty. But because of the excitement it brings to the partner proposing. I end up answering more emails then actual weddings because they are so excited and want to plan it perfectly.

Here are some of the questions I answer most:

  1. Where should I propose?

This is of course very important to consider. It is a personal preference but the bridges are my favorite? The reason is the background! In public spaces it can be quite difficult to get a clear background. You don’t want to get a driving car, tram or people in the images as it gives an unresty feeling for such a precious moment. A bridge guarantees you the clear background you need. Even when a boat is passing by it does not add any stress to the image.

The bridges in the Jordan Area are quite beautiful but it can be crowded on the bridge. My favorite is Bridge 38 (yes bridges have numbers) or the immediate bridges around it.

2) What time can I propose at best?

If you want to be sure to have some sense of privacy then I recommend actually a proposal very early in the morning? It might not sound very romantic since  you are just up but it gives you a clear mind of wether or not there will be a lot of people.

However, if you are going for the afternoon or opt for a late proposal in the golden hour then the location is key! We will need to choose a bridge far from tourists so you can be sure of clean pictures. I help you with that!

3) My partner is giving lot’s of value to her/his outfits in pictures. What do I tell her/him?

A suprise proposal is by definition a suprise and cannot be planned. But you could use some excuses like ‘we are going to a work event’ ‘we are meeting with my boss’ or ‘we got tickets to a fancy private exhibition’/

Don’t go to deep with your lie. You won’t be able to dig yourself out easily 🙂

4) Do we really need portraits afterwards?

In my honest opinion: YES! It makes your images complete and the vibe is just right. It  won’t take a big chung of your time as well since we make a walk nearby the location of your proposal.

Also: I help you with posing, standing and looking. So all you need to do is hold on to each other.

5) How should I propose for the best pictures?

Yes this is a great question. Since I will wait for you a bit off the bridge to perfectly blend in please look around before choosing a side. Sometimes people stand on it already, sometimes there is a board placed and sometimes a trash car.

Also it is important to stand like in the example pictures below. So I can fully see you both.

For the rest: Ask the question and enjoy the moment.

Much love, Silviya

proposal photography in Amsterdam
proposal photography Amsterdam
proposal photography Amsterdam