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proposal photography amsterdam

Do you plan to propose to your partner in Amsterdam? I am specialized in capturing proposals in authentic and intimate settings.

I have gathered this post to answer the most common questions when it comes to proposal photography. If you have any other questions left or would simply like to chat before booking (something with peace of mind) don’t hesitate to contact me.

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What is the best location for a proposal in Amsterdam?

proposal photography Amsterdam

Bridge Keizersgracht and Reguliersgracht

This is one of my favorite spots. You can either stand on the Reguliersgracht and see the canal wide with the classic canal houses on both sides. Or stand on the bridge at Keizersgracht and see the 7 bridges in the background. However it can get busy with trash pickup trucks or other vehicles (lasts only short) so you need to be aware of your surroundings as well before going on your knee.

proposal photography Amsterdam

Bridge Keizersgracht

This is the above mentioned view from the same intersection of bridges. In the background you see the seven bridges. I am standing where the couple above is standing, looking like a tourist. The girl is not aware of me and enjoys the moment fully.

proposal photography amsterdam

Skinny Bridge/Magere Brug

So this is quite the busy bridge but don’t let this scare you off. Walking there during blue hour or golden hour will light up the surroundings and obviously you as well.

proposal photography amsterdam

Ir. B. Bijvoetbrug

This image is not taken ON the bridge but when you pass it and stop at the Amstel river at the corner section. Find here the correct spot.

couple walking in the woods
Proposal in Amsterdam

Amsterdamse Bos

Not feeling the city? The Amsterdamse Bos, the city forrest is a wonderful area with a lot of spots to propose.

Side streets

Sometimes the couple actually book me for a photoshoot and we do the proposal during the shoot. This feels like a total suprise for the partner in question. I will get a quick nod/secret sign from the proposing partner and will be ready. Like this YOU can choose when and where as you seem fit.


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