Of course you will have questions. Here are some of my FAQ’s to get a headstart. Have more questions? Just send me an email.

What means all day coverage?

It means i don’t restrict any hours on your wedding day. I will come when you get ready and leave when you had a good deal of your party.

We have ideas of images we want!

Great, I love to hear all about it. Just bear in mind it won’t be possible to recreate other peoples images. Your day is unique and we will spend most time in capturing the essence of your day.

What if you are sick?

Wood, knock knock knock. Did not happen til now and believe me I rarely get sick. And if I break my arm or leg and really cannot work I have you covered through an extensive network of professional photographers who will cover your day.

Why do I need a second shooter?

For many reasons. Simply you get more covered, you get more images. The groom will be covered as well properly and we have more angles to cover your guests at your ceremony for example. For example: Shots of bride getting in, shots of the groom seeing the bride. All second shooters have professional experience and a similar to my style.

How long do we need for the loveshoot?

It really depends on how long you want to spend on it. I can capture enough images in 30 minutes and then ask you again at dawn or night for some images, simply to create different images. If you want more locations covered it’s important to calculate also the travel time. But hey, I am here for you so plan your day as you like and I will get the best of you into your images.

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